Some things you should know about massages

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Some things you should know about massages

When you are going for the Massage, keep the following things in mind:

1. Be on time for your appointment

Your masseuse wants to work with you for the entire programmed duration. But if you are 30 minutes late you may have to shorten the session to accommodate the next client. It is the most common; most of the masseurs will not be able to attend you after the scheduled time since they will probably already be engulfed in the next.

2. More or Less Pressure? No problem

Your masseuse has no problem increasing or decreasing the pressure of his maneuvers if you ask him to. Don’t worry, you won’t be offended. In fact, Massage therapists actively seek to be told what you like and don’t like during the session. How else can they offer you the best possible experience?

3. You don’t need to perfume yourself

Although your perfume or aftershave smells like a thousand wonders, it can be a bit overwhelming for your masseuse. You have to keep in mind that you will be in the same room for a while and, it may be that the masseur himself has arranged essences and different smells for the course of the session. Just worry about enjoying yourself.

4. Tell him what and where it hurts

If you have a health problem or injury, tell your massage therapist before you start. If your injuries have improved or your health has changed compared to your last session, you should also tell them. Telling your masseuse mid-session that just the muscle you are working on in depth has been recently injured is not the smart thing to do. You could make a latent injury worse and of course it’s not what you’re looking for.

Types of massages and their benefits

It is probably the oldest therapeutic tool that humans used as a natural resource against pain. There are different types of massage, each one uses different techniques and can be used to stimulate the immune system, relax the muscles or relieve pain. Here is a list of the most employed:

Pamper yourself and free yourself

Massage therapy or body massage therapy covers a wide range of techniques that influence the body through pressure, friction or rhythmically hitting with certain intensity and proper direction certain regions of the body, mainly muscles and ligaments. Although massages are usually done with the hands, the feet or elbows can also be used, even instruments such as bamboo, rocks or rollers.

1. Relaxing massage

It is the typical massage to remove stress and tension from a hard day at work. It is applied all over the body with emphasis on the back and lower neck in a slow way, with slow and long movements but with firm and progressive pressure, it aims to relieve stress and accumulated tension.

2. Swedish massage

It is the most common type of massage therapy and includes the basic movements necessary for all massages. They begin with superficial blows in the direction of blood circulation to warm the muscles then move to the deeper tissues, aiming at relaxation and toxin removal.

3. Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage

Originally from ancient Polynesia, Hawaiians are said to have learned massage by observing the movements of sea waves. The masseuse uses the forearm, arm and elbow to massage all parts of the body in progressive movements, alternating the strong with the soft. Its objective is to achieve total harmony by working all the muscles and facilitating the passage of energy fluids.

4. Japanese massage or Shiatsu

According to the Mexican Society of Shiatsu and Traditional Oriental Medicine, Shiatsu is a therapeutic technique that works on the path of acupuncture meridians and manages energy through breathing and pressure. In this type of massage, fingers and hands are used to stimulate or sedate the energy that flows through the body to promote health and healing.

5. Massage with volcanic stones

It is the Swedish massage with the use of hot basalt stones. The stones are placed along the meridians to relax the muscles and restore the harmony of the body. Then the massage therapist applies light pressure to the stones and they are used to massage the body. Relieves muscle tension and stress.

6. Balsamic Massage

According to the Mexican College of Massages, balsamic massage, or raindrops, uses a sequence of highly concentrated essential oils, which generate defenses in the body to prevent the lodging of viral agents and bacteria that promote fatigue and deformation of spinal column.

7. Therapeutic Massage

This is the type of massage that is normally received in a doctor’s office or rehabilitation center. Massage focuses on correcting the problem that is causing the patient’s pain and can be used to treat various types

8. Deep tissue massage

Generally includes slow movements and friction, they are normally used in a medical or sports center. It involves a deeper intensity than normal massage and can be painful for a few days. This is normal to eliminate toxins, increase range of motion and eliminate muscle tension.

9. Massage with bamboo sticks

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese observed that energy flowed through bamboo canes. So, they applied it to the human body and discovered that in addition to performing a gentle massage, it helps activate the body’s energy. This massage uses the elasticity and the robustness of the bamboo trunks to transport you in a state of absolute relaxation capable of dissipating the accumulated tensions.

10. Mayan massage

According to the Mexican College of Massages, it starts from the cirrus (belly button pulse) to make the energy flow, stretching the muscles, aligning the tendons and ligaments. Treats rheumatism, relaxes and works from the shallow to the deep, unlocking muscles, energy and emotions.

11. Pinda Massage

According to the Center for Facial Neuropathy and Bioaesthetics, herbal pinda massage comes from the traditional Indian discipline known as Ayurveda. It is applied using cloth bags that contain aromatic herbs inside. The pindas replace the hands to apply pressure to the body.

12. Reflexology

Although it is commonly known as a foot massage, reflexology is based on the theory of zone therapy, that is, that the different parts of the body are reflected in the soles of the feet and therefore, massaging said parts They reflexively massage the organs, muscles or other parts of the body that need treatment, stimulating the self-healing mechanisms of the body itself.

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