15 ways to earn money online at home without investment!

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15 ways to earn money online at home without investment!

Making money at home is liberating!

To be able to generate a complementary income, working from the comfort of your home is a dream that many shares. It is a dream that mixes with the vision of financial independence!

First of all, you need to understand the relationship between extra income and the time it takes to earn it. Do not expect to find a step by step to make a million-dollar in a month or something. At the same time, some of the methods presented here are simple and easy to put into practice. They can take time and dedication.

The return on these “investments” will depend on precisely these two factors:

  • The amount of time you dedicate to these activities;
  • The dedication you undertake to make these activities work.

So keep all this in mind when starting to put each of the following ideas into practice. Keep reading this article to know all these incredible ideas on how to make money at home.

1. Earn money with online surveys

Have you heard of “market research”? Yes, it is also known as online surveys!

These are those surveys that companies do with their potential customers before creating a product or developing a solution. Thanks to the internet, this practice gained another guise. And it allows an unprecedented increase in scale. Today, companies work with what is called paid research. The companies seek the opinion of consumers through these mechanisms that reward those who spend their time to answer online surveys.

In doing so, participants are rewarded with points, which can be redeemed for products or benefits. Some services even allow you to redeem amounts of money. Among all the methods presented in this article, this is undoubtedly the most natural and most straightforward to put into practice.

Want to know how to get started? Just get access to some of the following trustworthy sites. Register your name, and you will be ready to begin answering online surveys and earn rewards:

  • Swag bucks
  • Toluna
  • One Poll
  • Life Points
  • I-Say
  • Inbox Pounds

It is worth remembering here that the relationship between time and financial return. Logically, you will not earn lots of money just by taking a survey or two. It is necessary to dedicate yourself to begin to reap some fruits. But in general, investigations are quick and very simple to answer.

It is useless to participate in these programs. If it is to try to cheat and answer as many surveys as possible in the shortest possible time, some websites punish this type of behavior. On the other hand, if you are sincere in your responses and take this activity seriously, you may be rewarded with more research and more qualified participation. Also, you may feel that you are collaborating to improve a product or launch a new solution.

2. Earn money with blogs

Did you know that a blog can be an excellent way to make money at home?

Nowadays, anyone can create their blog in a few hours of work and setup. Of course: making this project profitable is not something that happens like magic. It is always necessary to publish complete and valuable content.

To earn money from a blog, you can include ads (and get paid for each click or display of that ad). Or use your posts and the content you publish to promote other services you provide or even third-party courses.

Have you heard about digital products or info-products?

If not, they are products offered entirely online, such as eBooks, courses or access to member areas. Most of these products are for information. That is, they are products that help you to master a given skill or even develop a new ability. Currently, one of the ways to monetize the blog itself is through the sale of third party digital products.

How does it work? Quite simply: you select a product that you know about its qualities. Qualify as an “affiliate” for this product (“affiliate” is the term used for everyone who indicates third party products). Impressive, don’t you agree?

It generates revenue in a 100% passive way. It is an excellent win-win-win relationship. The person you will indicate gaining access to a high-level course, the producer of that course wins a part of the registration fee, and you earn a commission.

It could be your second most favourite way to earn money without leaving home. But, to become a successful blogger, you must write guest post writing. Because, without a proper audience, you will not be able to popularize your blog.

3. Become a captcha solver

Earning money by solving the captcha is one of the easiest ways to earn income from home. In recent years, this system has experienced notable growth. A captcha is an encryption system that began to be used online from the year 2003. Its initials in English mean “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.

Comfortable and safe – Besides, the platforms that dispense these mini-jobs are very stable and tend to last over time without suffering from economic incidents. As it is a real and sustainable business system, it is a sector in which the words scam or fraud are practically non-existent. In practical terms, a captcha is an image made up of partially distorted letters, numbers, and even symbols that must be identified and transcribed.

The two most popular types of captcha are as follows –

  • Google Re-Captcha – If you are a regular user of PTC pages or bitcoin faucets, you will know this system very well. It is merely a matter of indicating that you are not a robot by pressing the corresponding box and then choosing the images that have previously been mentioned to you.
  • Solve Media – These «riddles» are the ones that you will mostly find on different pages. It is as simple as looking closely at the image and transcribing the displayed text.

How much can you earn by solving a captcha – We are not going to deceive ourselves. The resolution and transcription of captcha is a job that is not very well paid. For an example, the payment rates can reach up to $ 1.50 – $2.30 for every thousand captchas completed.

Advantages –

  • Legal and sustainable business system.
  • The platforms that offer these services are free.
  • You can withdraw your earnings from tiny amounts.
  • Work available to users from all countries.
  • There are several pages of severe and reliable captcha.

4. Earn with affiliate marketing

Earning money online is a highly sought term among search engines. If you are creating quality content and still do not have the level of influence to get your line of products/services – Affiliate Marketing is for you.

Thanks to it, you can generate passive income by monetizing your content, not only with a blog or a website but also with your social networks. When deciding to use this method, as an affiliate, you will not have a minimum or maximum ceiling.

You can start generating income from any pile –

They are programs that pay you for conversions that are made through the links that you put on your website. In more unambiguous words, you are paid a percentage for each sale or action that a user makes through a link hosted on your site.

  • A visitor enters your website, either by referral, direct, social media, organic traffic, etc. Then he sees a link in the form of a banner, and he decides to click.
  • Now, the link takes him to a page of purchase of that product, making that lead enter the sales funnel and even more step of the purchase.
  • The link is personalized, and some platforms allow you to follow up.
  • With Affiliate Marketing, you do not earn per click or impressions. You receive a commission that is generally very generous when the visitor completes the purchase.

Affiliated marketing has variants –

  • PPC Affiliates are included among the results of the search engines.
  • Websites and blogs: Generally, it is paid by commission, and they are usually very high.
  • Cashback and sites: It does is share the income with the users. You can get a commission.
  • E-mail marketing databases: Well, this type of Affiliate Marketing allows you to transfer data and earn.
  • Social media: It is an alternative for a practical and real influencer.

5. Become a freelancer

For those who want to increase income. And for those who want to invest in a solo career, becoming a freelance professional is a great option. The main opportunities are for journalists, advertisers, designers, photographers and software developers, etc. But it is possible to explore the market even if your speciality is different.

Want to know how to become a freelancer? Start by defining a service, qualify, build your brand and go after the first contracts.

Freelance content writer

A freelance writer job can be a great solution to generate extra income. Working as a freelancer is what many people call beak. But it is widely used by some to supplement their income or even form a lifestyle. If you write well, understand grammar and punctuation, then you can be a freelance writer. Also, if you are not an expert on any topic you want to write about, you can manage well.

Currently, on the internet, there is a multitude of free and quality content on any subject. So, just a little study and dedication and, of course, develop the habit of writing for you to be successful with this way of making money. Depending on your ability to write well, you can earn a lot of money from this idea!

Be your boss

It is worth mentioning that this freelancers market is something that the market takes very seriously. A proof of this is the existence of so many sites that bring these professionals together. Besides, some people live exclusively on such extra jobs.

Some services are so well paid that they can replace even a traditional job with a formal contract. So, if you are thinking of getting into this business, think very carefully and plan not to end up with the “dirty name” in this market.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is not an employee as such, but someone who is usually assigned a project. The virtual assistant is going to finish a project or do a task assigned by the person. A person who hires her from another part of the world. The person who hires a virtual assistant does not want an “employee.”


Because depending on the laws of the countries, there are employee benefits which the hiring person must pay. The most varied tasks, such as:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Social media management
  • Customer support
  • Management of websites and blogs

The advantages of being a virtual assistant –

  • You choose your schedule
  • Usually, you work from home
  • You choose your salary
  • The flexibility of how much you want to work

Can you make money?

Yes, you can. If you read pages dedicated to a particular platform, you can earn money from home. But you have to do your part. Work is not going to come looking for you at your house. In this case, you have to look for it on the internet. You know how many people are looking for help and can’t pay $ 30 an hour, but are they willing to pay $ 10 an hour? For you, this can make a difference and improve your quality of life.

You can use these two sites –

Up work – This page is well known to freelancers. Here you will find all kinds of work that can be done without being present on the same site. Therefore, many virtual assistants offer their services on this page.

Fiverr – This page allows you to create a profile where you can specify different services. You can have a service where you charge $ 20 for 3 hours being that person’s virtual assistant. You can also do it by the project.

Provide training and advice

English, math, music, cooking – how about becoming a teacher in one of these areas? Share what you know in private lessons and increase your income significantly.

If you are an expert or have a good understanding of a subject, you can take it a step further and work as a consultant. These are generally highly paid professionals who give advice and help companies move in the right direction. There is even a similar work and primarily aimed at individuals.

It is the case with coaching, which can help other professionals to develop their careers and take the right direction at a certain point in life. Among all the methods, this is the one that requires further preparation by the interested party. It is not the activity that necessarily consumes the most time or dedication. However, it is necessary to master a particular subject very well to self-proclaim a consultant or coaching. Unfortunately, these two terms have become commonplace in recent times.

The market was flooded with professionals not qualified to practice consulting or coaching, but not dominate their respective areas of work. This alert is not just for you to prepare for this activity if you are interested. It is also a warning in case you are looking for professionals in your industry to help you develop a career. Or companies that promise to help and make your business take off.

If you are thinking of being a consultant or coaching, master your area very well. If you hire a consultant or a coach, check if that professional is qualified to perform any activities.

Personal assistant service (advice)

It can be from small electrical services, home repairs or gardening. Those who most demand this type of service are the very busy people who would be willing to pay you to do these small tasks for them. However, this business could very quickly be designed and managed from the comfort of your home.

6. Sell photos online

We tell you how you can earn money selling your pictures on the internet, improving your digital portfolio and advertising your services as a freelance. The online universe has multiplied the possibilities to earn income with your creations. As well as boost your own business, get clients and have a permanently available online portfolio.

If you like taking pictures, this idea is for you. You can sell your photos on websites that sell photographs online. Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can take online courses on how to develop this skill and get started!

Take a look at these sites and understand how much you can earn from this service –

  • Almay – One of the most significant advantages is that they give you 50% of the benefits. However, the prices are set by them, and the average is around $ 90 per image. They accept practically any kind of photo regarding the subject. They have a unique program for students, to whom they pay 100% of the price of the picture.
  • Shutter stock – This is one of the world’s most famous photo payment banks. Plus a sizeable global marketplace for artists and creators to sell free images, videos, vectors and illustrations in more than 150 countries. You can upload your material, both photos and video clips and vector designs and earn income from them. The minimum is 25 cents, with a maximum of $ 120 per photo.
  • Getty Images – Pioneer in quality photographic archives, for this portal you must send your images to one of its four necessary departments: creative / advertising, filmmakers / moving images, news/sports/entertainment and archiving. It has several affiliated portals such as Getty Images, I Stock, Think Stock or Photos.com. So you can benefit from selling your photos on various platforms.
  • Can Stock Photo – This online platform connects photographers from all over the world who, want to sell their material online. If you work on this platform, you can accept photographic challenges and special requests from clients. Or use it as a showcase for your photos as a standard profile in which they buy them. In the first case you will get benefits of 70%, and in the second, 50%. Besides, you retain the copyright.

7. Sell old things on OLX or Quikr

If you need to, you can make a decent income from the internet by doing computer-based jobs at home. You can use your different skills, such as writing, singing, voiceover, data entry, music, photography, etc. And sell your services or products for a regular income without much investment. But, if you need a much more comfortable way to earn money online, is by selling old things!

Why OLX and Quikr?

There are hundreds of online services where you can quickly sell things that are no longer in use. For example, if you have an old useless lie mobile phone in your drawer, you can sell it on eBay or Craigslist. But, this Craigslist is useful when living abroad!

If you are in India, you can use OLX and Quikr. These are the free classified ad websites. Almost all of them have a mobile app too. All this makes it very easy to convert old and useless things like CDs, books, clothes, stationery, and toys into money.

If you want to put this in the “make money online” category, well, you are most welcome. Technology has been promoting the possibilities of online sales for many years. Currently, you can use geo-location to sell near your home. Use large long-distance platforms such as OLX and Quikr, advertise on specialized portals in individual segments or carry out transactions comfortably from your smartphone.

Three selling tips for better income!

  • Rate your product – The essential starting point is to put a price on your product.
  • Strive to take a realistic and quality photograph – Do not pull catalogue images or forget to add a copy of the item you want to sell. Lack of it induces confidence in the vast majority of users and arouses reluctance to buy.
  • Describe in detail the object you are going to sell – The more information you can provide the seller, the better. In the case of technological artefacts, copy the technical sheet and include all the specifications. For clothing, don’t forget to indicate the material and dimensions. And in books, records or toys it is important to highlight if they are new, have little use or are in good condition.

8. Earn money with your smartphone

It is the part which has no border. Thousands of options, but you must choose the perfect gateway!

Earn money from the smartphone. Reality or myth? Nobody gives anything away on the internet. It is a lesson that we must learn from the beginning. But with patience and dedication, you can get income from your mobile, without filling it with spam. Honestly, you can indeed earn some money using your smartphone.

  • Telemarketing – Telemarketing is a service which is very popular these days. However, the demand for telemarketing services is still very high. Especially for large companies. The idea here would be for you to work from home doing telemarketing for large companies. However, you can make good money with this service.
  • Google Opinion Rewards – Many apps pay to fill out surveys, but some are not trustworthy. They take time to pay, or you have to carry out many studies to receive just a couple of dollars. It’s tedious work, but if you like answering questions about your habits or opinions, one of the most reliable apps is Google Opinion Rewards. Once a week, you receive at least one survey. When you complete it, you receive a minimum of $ 0.75 per survey
  • Earn money by completing small tasks – It may end up filling your mobile with advertising, but you get paid. You have to install test apps and other content that ends up interfering with the performance of your smartphone. But if that is not a problem you can earn money with your mobile, or gift cards from Amazon, PayPal, etc. Earn money is one of the best-known apps in this area.
  • Be a tour guide – If you know your city well (tourist sites, restaurants, party areas) and are good at dealing with people, you can become a local tour guide. You register as a tourist guide and wait to receive proposals from tourists who want to visit your city. By mobile, you agree on the type of activity they wish to carry out – visits to museums, typical places, restaurants, etc., and you act as a local guide.
  • See online advertisements – Several programs pay you to view and click on ads online. This market, known as PTC or “pay to click”. It works basically like this – you are willing to see and click on ads and a company pays you for it.

9. Domain Trader

Domain trading online is another perfect way to earn money at home!

Occasionally, domain buying and selling platforms may include an option in which the interested parties propose a purchase price, which leads to private negotiations between the seller and the buyer.

  • Determining ales channel – If you want to sell a domain, you have different options. For example, you can add a notice on the domain’s home page, as a typical “For sale” sign. In this way, those interested can contact you directly to discuss the sale of the domain. Another option available is the online auction platform that offers the same functions for selling domains that other products have.

    But you also have specific pages to buy and sell domains. If you want to get into the business of web addresses and not only sell those that you do not use, these types of platforms are essential.

  • Prepare the sale – Many domain buying and selling platforms offer two ways of proceeding: with a fixed price or by auction. While some buyers may be attracted to the option of buying at a fixed rate since it allows them to know precisely the investment they are going to make. Others prefer auctions because they consider them more favourable to obtain a reasonable price.
  • You should also consider the payment method – An intermediate point between you and the buyer provides mutual protection. Many spaces to buy and sell domains offer a trusted service as part of their offer. To avoid later legal disputes, and if you do not use a specific platform for the sale of domains, you should use an external trust service.
  • Transfer the domain – Once you have made the sale of a domain, you must transfer it to the buyer. However, this procedure depends on the domain provider, who also manages the access rights. Finally, the buyer’s data is entered into the register. If the sale has taken place on a specialized platform, you will generally have their advice to make the transfer.

10. Stock and Currency trading

Forex is the global market for currency trading. It is open 24 hours a day and offers excellent liquidity, making it a good opportunity for its participants, which can range from banks, large financial institutions and companies to small retail investors.

The trading currencies is not a new form of profit that has recently emerged. Today many people are making money doing Forex trading from home. Either as full-time professional traders or merely spending a few minutes a day to locate trading opportunities and opening, supervising and closing their positions.

Which currency can you trade?

The trader is in charge of buying or selling currency pairs. There is a multitude of currency pairs, which according to their trading volume are often referred to as major, minor and exotic. Some examples of major or significant currency pairs are GBP / USD, EUR / USD, USD / JPY or USD / CHF.

Make money in the Forex market –

In Forex, you can earn money with the price fluctuations of the different currency pairs, and you can do it both if the price rises and falls.

  • Go long: open a buy position if you think the price is going to rise and then close the job with a sell order.
  • Go short: open a sell position if you think the price is going to drop and then close the job with a buy order.
  • Buying cheap and selling expensive or selling expensive and buying cheap is the goal of millions of participants in the Forex market.

Do correct analysis –

If you have enough technical analysis, you can get success. It tries to predict the direction of the price by analyzing its evolution. And using charts with the different values, it has taken, looking for formations, signs of continuation or change in trends, etc. And being able to use a series of indicators based on mathematical formulas, statistics, etc. If you want to earn money by trading, you must learn technical analysis properly. Trading in Forex can allow you to make a lot of money and does not need absolute dedication. You can combine your learning with your current professional activity.

Forex can be a very profitable investment!

11. Become an online seller

The trade is one of the pillars of our economy!

You may not imagine it, but there are always people wanting to buy all kinds of objects. There may be some people looking for that gadget or electronics that collects dust in your home. The idea is to put what you are not using to sell and take off extra income in that transaction. Maybe you have a surfboard that you no longer use, or that doghouse, perhaps an old computer, etc.

Virtually any object in your home that is no longer being used can be put up for sale. And several websites can be used as a free ad platform for that purpose.

Logically, this method has a limitation. Once you have sold everything possible in your home, you will no longer be able to use these services. However, you can negotiate with your relatives and friends and start selling other people’s items. The profit margin may be lower, but it is an activity that requires minimal effort on your part. Besides, you can work by buying products that are very cheap and try to resell them at the right price.

If you intend to do this, it is good to know the product in question very well and have a little experience in negotiation. It is also essential to know where to find your ideal customers. Otherwise, it is best to be limited to selling your belongings or those provided by friends or family.

Did you like this method?

Create an online store –

Instead of buying and selling products, here the idea is to create your eCommerce yourself. Of course: it is not that easy to set up a virtual store. But with a good strategy and execution, you can be quite successful. The sequence is more like this: charge a domain, create a website, set up the site as eCommerce, include products and start receiving purchase orders!

12. Rotate the site

Today, the website buying and selling industry have become an overnight industry in which many people want to start changing websites. Because most of those who succeeded in changing sites revealed the industry’s high income and earnings. Just like you must have been reading from different sources; all you need to do is buy the right domain. Build excellent graphics and chip website on some useful content articles. Now your website is ready to be sold. However, you can start with this method, and after you have made some benefits, you can proceed to a better payment rate.

To make money from the websites you will flip shortly, you will need to monetize the website with your product – an affiliate product, or using Google AdSense. Promoting an affiliate product can be easy and sometimes a sale can be challenging. But before choosing the affiliate product you want to improve, make sure the affiliate product does not sell an outdated product. Get a page to promote your affiliate product where you can always link from most of your posts. And at the same time travel on one of your affiliate links to some of your posts.

Today, the website monetizes only with AdSense. It sells very high if you have a steady stream of income from people who visit the site and click on the AdSense link. A website can make money quickly. And at the same time, it may not make money despite generating a lot of traffic.

You can also sell advertising space to webmasters who want to generate traffic to your site. This method is also secure. All you need to do is find people who own a website. That has a niche almost related to what you are promoting. And create a banner ad in the corner of your websites. You can find some online sites that link you as a publisher and an advertiser instead of sending messages to more webmasters.

13. Write a job

Companies often do not hire consultancy firms. Instead, they hire freelancers.

Why? Because it reduces the overall cost. All you need to do is contacting with the Companies and now their hiring requirements for new employees. You must have a full social media profile, or website, and blog. There you need to post the job details so that job seeker can contact with the companies through your links. Instead, you get a joining commission. In short, you write job posts for the Companies, and in return, you get paid.

You can also offer services to companies and individuals, announcing them online. To earn money as an intermediary, you only have to have three things. A website and social networks where you can offer your services. A good group of friends in a digital profession (graphic design, web, Community Manager, etc. And a phone.

Your job will be to look for clients. And plan the tasks that each one has to do. Some brands that want to promote themselves on social networks choose references to publish the content of that brand on their profiles.

So if your brand online is powerful, this is an excellent way to earn money online. Besides, it is a way of doing business online with a great future. Since the better, you have the brand, the more money you can ask for your publications.

14. Micro-work

There are some platforms where you can get micro-works:

  • SEO Clerks
  • Fiverr
  • Gig Bucks
  • Envato Studio
  • Up Work
  • Zeerk
  • True lancer
  • Guru
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk

Have you heard of Fiverr? Fiverr is a website whose main idea is to sell products and services for the price of 5 dollars.

It works simply. On the one hand, people are offering a diverse range of services, for example, ranging from creating a video sticker to hiring an actor to sing a song. On the other hand, there are people interested in purchasing services. Each service is offered for a “gig”, and each “gig” costs the US $ 5.00. The idea here is for you to find some “gig” that you are good at and offer it on the platform.

Now, let’s have a look at the types of microwork you can get from the platform.

  • Editing
    It is a very creative kind of job. First, find out if you’re good at editing someone else’s work. As an editor, you will receive written material, and you should check its grammar, spelling, readability and fluency. It is a highly detail-oriented work for people who have enough resources to find the style and grammar rules they don’t know. And also for someone who has high levels of precision. Editors are sometimes expected to have specific style guides.
  • Graphic design
    The job requires an understanding of both design principles and the tools to do it, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, etc. Graphic designers often work for advertising agencies, publishers, magazines, corporations, individuals, and manufacturing companies. The industries you can work for as a designer are varied, such as print magazines, financial institutions, newsletters, even advertising or marketing agencies.
    As a graphic designer, you don’t necessarily need to have a degree or certificate. Unless you are trying to work at a creative agency and they ask you to. And you can build your portfolio doing small jobs as a freelance.
  • Video editing
    Video editing is an incredibly creative task that requires knowledge of editing software. It’s an excellent job for highly creative introverts who don’t mind spending hours in front of a computer with their headphones on. Video editors are needed for a wide variety of industries such as advertising, marketing, and media. Video editors need to be very good with the most popular editing software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. However, this field tends to value your experience and previous work above anything else. The most important thing is your work. Freelance video editing is an excellent place to start building experience.
  • Translator online
    If you are fluent in English, your possibilities here grow even more. You can surf the Fiverr and see if you do not think anything you can offer large-scale.
  • Writing E-books
    The internet breaks down barriers. And one of the most significant obstacles dropped in the recent past was that of publishing books. Currently, anyone with a good idea and a computer can become a bestselling writer. This, of course, thanks to Amazon and its digital book platform, the Kindle.
  • Design blog themes online
    Every blogs and website demands unique and beautiful items, templates, or skin. If you can design the items and put less amount compared to the market, Voila. Making unique themes for Blogger, Word Press, Drupal, and Joomla is indeed a profitable business. Required skills: Sense Web Design, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, knowledge of the target platform.
  • Coding online
    You may be a qualified and experienced programmer or a fresher, and you can get online ad-hoc coding project. Just throw the project, build, and test, present and get paid. Freelancer has been around for years. No matter what programming language or platform you may be working on, you will find jobs for everyone. Freelancer website makes the job of programmers connect with clients.
  • Give advice online
    As a creative person with skills in communication (advertising, marketing, social media), writing, graphic arts, therapy and more, you can sell your online experience as an advisor. You just require a smartphone or a computer with table internet. Be smart to identify your area of expertise and focus it on something the market needs.

15. Become creative

Many websites allow you to sell how creative you can be. Larger web stores also allow you to earn money with your creative instincts. You can do cool things with scrap metal, woolly knitted patterns, funky jewellery, hand-paint vases, plush toy making, etc.

  • Copywriter
    The copywriter profession is relatively new. And it is related to the advertising sector and internet businesses directly aimed at sales, such as e-commerce. It is based on the art of writing in such a way that you seduce your potential clients. So that depending on how you tell them what products or services you offer, you awaken in them an irrepressible desire to convert within your website. To earn money online as a copywriter, you must carry out appropriate training and study the psychology of the target audience.
  • Online course
    You can sell your experience by creating courses that are specifically for digital platforms. Payment models vary between different online platforms depending on their business models. For example, there are some monthly subscription models and others for payment by class. But generally, you always get a percentage of sales combined with calculated royalties for the minutes of video that were consumed.
  • Online content transcription
    Another easy way to earn extra money online and from your own home is by transcribing videos or audios. In the case of videos, it is very instructive and enjoyable to go to successful YouTube channels to learn about the professional sector. In the case of podcasts, the same thing happens. You can listen to the explanations and advice of your references comfortably while doing any daily task. It is here where this profession is born that you can perform from home wholly online and free of charge.
  • Sale of advertising space on your blog
    When you have a successful blog, and it receives a considerable number of visits, you should know that all the effort made to generate valuable content. And promote it through your social networks or other channels, you can monetize it. For this, you can offer advertising spaces within your blog, with which you can earn some money if you click on them.
  • Manage social networks
    Social media is a highly creative branch. It requires both visual and written skills. You must also master various social media channels as well as different strengths in each tool. Responsibilities of community managers include creating social media accounts, reviewing audience behaviour, developing a strategy to create, curate, and manage all content posted on different social media accounts, as well as develop marketing campaigns.
  • Offer an income tax declaration service
    As always where there is a pain, there is an opportunity. This fact generates an excellent business idea: charging for filing people’s income tax returns. T, This is a very seasonal business, since the period for declaring income tax runs from January to April. However, despite the seasonality, it can guarantee you great extra money.
  • Sell crafts online
    Are you good with crafts? You can sell unique designs at online craft markets. Most of the niches sites charge a small fee for displaying your products and take a percentage of your sales. Another way to do it is to set up your online store. Although you will have to pay a monthly subscription and discover how to start selling. Something that can be difficult for those who are not so technological.
  • Create and sell stock photos
    You don’t have to be a professional photographer to build a separate business selling stock photos. These days, smartphones have a high resolution on their cameras. Hence, you no longer need a fancy camera to create good quality photos.

So, these are all part of the creativity. There is another option too. Just be creative.

Conclusion: working from home is possible!

As you can see, there are many ways to make money online. With all the expansion and growth of online businesses, all these online opportunities have emerged that allow you to earn some money online. Now is your chance. So take out that creator that you have inside.

In this digital world, earning options are endless. Some need services, and some provide services. It is you who decide to choose the right path. But, do not get haunted by any fake news.

Working from home and through the internet is possible!

But it takes time.

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